piektdiena, 2010. gada 26. februāris

BMR006 Test Chamber - No One Writes To Bullsquid [2009]

- This analysis is going to run perfectly today, don't you think? - asks one of those mad scientists, who are responsible for resonance cascade and following trouble. Yes, perfectly for Xen and Combine.

NOWTB presents weird dubs, stubs, little breaks, echoes, caughs, light-minded dub and minimal techno tracks, old pale Drill Instructor from the Opposing Force („As You Can See, You are Nut Dead!”), and „They’re waiting for you, Gordon, in THE TEST CHAMBER”, but this time it is weird dub with whirling, hardly flanged drums and percussion.


2 komentāri:

  1. Dust test chamber is used to perform dust test and to test the functioning of the components under different climatic conditions. The test duration and the actual composition of the dust will be indicated.