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BMR001 Deaf Star – Spin [2009]

Deaf Star is lo-fi electronic music project run by Sable Cypher. He makes ambient and minimal techno influenced music using sounds distorted by lowering pitch, reverberating and torturing and then putting them in the tranceful monotone tracks.
As the track titles reveal, the main themes of Deaf Star music are space exploration, objects in space etc. Oftenly technical activities in space are compounded with issues of human inner nature and philosophical aspects of space exploration to face the new kind of ethics which should be accepted by humanity to survive and to be the full-fledged inhabitants of the Universe.

First album from DS was released in the beginning of 2009. As I see in the front cover, the name Deaf Star have something common with Death Star from Star Wars saga. Actually, when I listen to those monotone rhythms I can see the life on this metal structure, which is actually as a alive being. When you listen to the track „Propulsion”, you can easily imagine how gases are blown out of valves and thus moves the deadly sphere thru the space. „Spintek ” is a hymn to technology, but „In The Distance of The Light Years” is like an elegy, it is a story about the solitude in the space travels, paradoxal isolation in so huge space. „Gravity II” shows me a gigantic metal hall, may be there is some kind of a gravity generator? I listened to „Speed” while watching Peverelist’s „Roll With The Punches”, and I wondered how good the track goes with the video. Final track „En Route” sounds like the final track. A little bit sad, a little bit concluding, like at the end of the movie when the end titles have been showed.

So. This is a music for the Space. For the Spacemen.


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