piektdiena, 2010. gada 26. februāris

BMR004 Stanislaw Perzynski - Horribile Dictu [2009] – Something Darker Comes This Way

With this release BMR shows a bit darker side of music. Not the darkest, I promise, there will be much darker things, but let’s start with the little. Our latinist in titles makes debut with album „Horrible to Say”. Beautiful drones, the lightest one is „Cloaca”, which gives an impression of being in some fantastic forest with birds. Others are not so light, those reminds something from another dimension, something unknown. Who the hell knows what those track titles mean! I would use this as soundtrack to mystic horror movie. Not those tool and tableware massacres but something more like psychological thrillers with mind fuck. This will be offtopic a bit, but the „Eraserhead” is one of ideal example of fusion of sound and picture.


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