piektdiena, 2011. gada 7. janvāris

BMR014 Wrong Way Home - Forest Spawn [2011]

Well. This is sick and dark one, if I may say - menacing record. WWH ambient is now more like horror movie soundtrack [please, don't think that I mentioned those dismemmbering and butchering depictions as horror, as I think the real horror you can expect to know, is invisible and in many cases it is just unknown what makes you fear. And may be there is not the reason to fear.].
Tracks recorded from December till December through 2009/10.

01 Awakening 10:48
02 Plotter 13:29

03 Forest Spawn 5:12

04 From The Trunks 3:51

05 The Birth Of The Bog Venus 6:39
06 Hey You There 6:37

07 Trunk Taos 6:49

08 Lounge You Want To Escape 3:10


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