piektdiena, 2011. gada 7. janvāris

BMR013 Test Chamber - The Lord Of Herrings [2011]

Quite fresh release. Compilation of dirty and hissing sounding techno tracks (except the last one which is not danceable), so this would not be music for those who are looking for clear and perfectly mastered sound. There is not much evolving melodies, as this is not songwriting music, just loops for slipping out of reality.


01 Burlesska I 5:16

02 West I 8:42
03 West II 4:36
04 Test Chamber III: Lardlord's Ring 8:52

05 Revolving That 6:36

06 Fishbone 5:22

07 Ahab 9:08

08 Cam 5:24

09 After Is Before 2:16


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