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BMR011 Wrong Way Home - Weedway [2009]

Next album after "Clashes To Clashes, Gust To Gust" is very uncharacteristic for Wrong Way Home. A little bit sentimental, strange mixture of light and dark ambient tended music. In "The Rain" weird drum sounds expresses the sound of water drops, while in "Weedway" hell knows what is that. Reminds something from Middle East. The "Galedogs" is something like boiling pot of fat molecules. Guilty, but I am not able to describe that track now in any other way. "Sounds From The Fog: Raising Headquarters" with its minimal humming structure continues trip to darker world from "Clashes To Clashes, Gust To Gust". So does the final track "Taos Light", which gives its due to Taos Hum phenomena.
Recorded in June 2009.

01 The Rain 05:30
02 Weedway 08:34
03 Sounds From The Fog: Raising HQ 06:03
04 Galedogs 11:39
05 Taos Light 08:37

DL [mf]

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