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BMR010 Wrong Way Home - Clashes To Clashes, Gust To Gust [2009]

This album the deepest trip into MPK mind or on the [Wrong] Way Home so far. This is the story about invisible world amogst us, about influence of metaphysical dimensions to our mind, feelings, consciousness and subconsciousness.
Drones, hum ("Clashes to Clashes" and "Gust to Gust" and slow rhythmical motion of radio noises drives into heavy state of trance, but wah-wah of "We Shall Come Again" towards the end slightly leads off from it to the kind of sentimental feeling of infinitude.
Recorded in June 2009.

01 Clashes to Clashes 05:44
02 Gust to Gust 11:28
03 Clashes of Gust 12:07
04 Gush of Clashes 03:04
05 We Shall Come Again 05:04


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